Introducing the championship quality Air Disc which is suitable for professional competition or for kids playing in the park. The bright, vibrant designs and the amazing flight times will ensure fun for everyone at a remarkably competitive price. Ever since 1957 when students at Yale University tossed empty Frisbie Pie Company tins to each other the popularity of flying discs has soared. Games such as Ultimate Frisbee and Frisbee golf have become increasingly popular and in 2015 the IOC (International Olympic Committee) officially recognised the game of Ultimate Frisbee.

Finding a gap in the market for flying discs we discovered that official standard 28cm, 175g discs were prohibitively expensive, selling for £20/€30/$30 or more. Wanting to create a product with broad appeal we decided to create a range containing novelty discs with the wow-factor. From Emojis to pizzas and versions for children we incorporated appealing, novelty designs onto the disc face.

Retailing below the psychological £10/€15/$15 price point AirDiscs launch on the 60th anniversary of the creation of the Frisbee. With 16 designs at launch and more new designs in the pipeline AirDiscs are guaranteed to fly off your customers’ shelves.

Keep your eyes peeled because Air Discs are coming your way.

Airdisc range

aireystarey airdisc
aireystarey airdisc

NEW Believe Christmas Edition Airdisc

candy climber airdisc

NEW Tyrannosaurus Fetch Airdisc

Tranquil sea CD cover

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aireystarey airdisc

Airey Starey

candy climber airdisc

Candy Climber

competition weight airdisc

Competition Airdisc

dartboard drifter

Dartboard Drifter

dinner spinner airdisc

Dinner Spinner

dinner spinner airdisc

Dizzy Dumbbell

doughnut drifter airdisc

Doughnut Drifter

fairytle flyer airdisc

Fairytale Flyer

fast food airdisc

Fast Food

flying fryer airdisc

Flying Fryer

footy flyer airdisc

Footy Flyer

flying the flag union jack airdisc

Flying The Flag

happy hover airdisc

Happy Hover

Love is in the air

Love is in the air

pirate zoom airdisc

Pirate Zoom

speedy wheelie airdisc

Speedy Wheelie

Airdisc Display Stand

airdisc cardboard display stand

Single Sided Airdisc Stand

48 Airdiscs per display

Dimensions: Height = 165cm  Width = 61cm  Depth = 44cm

airdisc cardboard display stand

Double Sided Airdisc Stand

96 Airdiscs per display

Dimensions: Height = 165cm  Width = 61cm  Depth = 87cm

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We are Global Journey, creating and supplying innovative gifts to stores, catalogue companies and distributors worldwide. We specialise in personalised and quirky notebooks, children’s personalised story and activity books, jewellery sets, novelty signs for the home and office, artistic Frisbees and more.

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