Boxed Jewellery

Our Product Development team has been working hard to create attractive but affordable gifts for your customers. Their brief was to design gift items that retail for under the magic £10 barrier but with a much higher perceived value. Starting with Love Pearls, an exceptionally successful boxed jewellery gift line with a genuine pearl, we realised that we had to build on this winning formula. Customers told us they wanted more of the same product genre. Love Pearls appeal to the consumer looking for greeting card sentiments with titles such as Mother, Sister, I Love You and Happy Birthday.

To enhance our offering we decided the world needs a Mood related series. Shortly afterwards the Moodstones series was born to huge success. Containing jewellery made of genuine semi-precious stones with a silver-plated chain and with a velvet pouch and affirmation card thrown in, the range offers appealing themes such as Love, Dreams, Protection, Healing and Luck, bringing the power of the stones to your customers.

Taking the affordable gift concept in a new direction we created the Angel's Teardrop range with a choice of semi-precious gemstones for your customers to wear depending on their mood or need to accessorize. With titles including Footprints, Guardian Angel and gift versions for friends and family there's something to suit any gifting requirement.

Charmology is an affordable, on-trend jewellery collection with exceptionally broad appeal. It is a stunning collection of items made from a variety of natural materials. Remarkable for such a collection is the fact that the range is 100% Animal Friendly with no use whatsoever of the animal parts (shell, bone, leather etc) normally associated with such a range.

Our Boxed Jewellery Ranges

lovepearls image


All Love Pearl feature a beautiful giftbox box exclusively designed by Global Journey featuring two inspirational quotes, a genuine pearl in its original shell and a silver coloured chain.

Titles include

  • Just Because
  • I Love You
  • Princess
  • Angels
  • Daughter
  • and many many more...

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Moodstone jewellery boxes


Moodstones, fashioned by the hands of nature, link the astral and mineral worlds, bringing the universal power of pure gemstones to you in the form of exclusive and fashionable jewellery.

Titles include

  • Creativity
  • Love
  • Positive Energy
  • Luck
  • Dreams
  • and many many more...

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angel's teardrops

Angel's Teardrops

These stunning Angel's Teardrops combine the two ancient philosophies of Guardian Angels watching over us and the pure mystical energies of Gemstones.

Titles include

  • Daughter
  • Footprints
  • Friend
  • Girlfriend
  • Grandma
  • and many many more...

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Charmology Gift set


Charmology offers beautiful gemstone based jewellery in strong sentiment-themed boxed sets, richly packaged and aimed at a premium retail sector.

Titles include

  • Peace
  • Energy
  • Peace
  • Good Luck
  • Guardian Angel
  • and many many more...

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Display Options

Global Journey offer many attractive ways to sell your boxed jewellery products. Call us to discuss which display stand is ideal for you.

lovepearl wire stand


120 Wishpearls / Angel's Teardrops
(12 x 10 of each)
Height = 186cm
Width = 51cm

lovepearls cardboard stand


80 Wishpearls /
Angel's Teardrops
(5 x 16 of each)
Height = 160cm
Width = 37cm
Depth = 38cm

moodstones wire spinner

Moodstone Spinner

120 Moodstones
(10 x 12 of each)

Height = 195cm
Width = 46cm
Depth = 46cm

moodstones cardboard display

Cardboard Display

96 Moodstones
(8 x 12 of each)

Height = 160cm
Width = 49cm
Depth = 55cm

charmology counter stand

Counter Stand

36 Charmology Products

Height = 39cm
Width = 36cm
Depth = 32.5cm

About Us

Global Journey offers a diverse and ever increasing range of gift products, ranging from gift books to CDs, pearl giftsets and gemstones to AirDiscs and humorous & inspiring metal signs. Global Journey products are distributed worldwide ensuring that their products are widely available in over 75 countries.

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