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Our Product Development team has been working hard to create attractive but affordable gifts for your customers. Their brief was to design gift items that retail for under the magic £10 barrier but with a much higher perceived value. Starting with Pearl Giftsets, an exceptionally successful boxed jewellery gift line with a genuine pearl, we realised that we had to build on this winning formula. Customers told us they wanted more of the same product genre. Pearl Giftsets appeal to the consumer looking for greeting card sentiments with titles such as Mother, Sister, I Love You and Happy Birthday.

Our Boxed Jewellery Ranges

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Pearl Giftset

All Pearl Giftsets feature a beautiful giftbox box exclusively designed by Global Journey featuring two inspirational quotes, a genuine pearl in its original shell and a silver coloured chain.

Titles include

  • Just Because
  • I Love You
  • Princess
  • Angels
  • Daughter
  • and many many more...

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lovepearl wire stand


120 Wishpearls / Angel's Teardrops
(12 x 10 of each)
Height = 186cm
Width = 51cm

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We are Global Journey, creating and supplying innovative gifts to stores, catalogue companies and distributors worldwide. We specialise in personalised and quirky notebooks, kids personalised jigsaws, hand sanitisers and much much more.

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