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Dispenser Gifts

Our range of dispenser gifts are truly unique. From semi-precious stones formed by natural processes over millions of years to fossilised shark teeth. Retailing at just £1, our ranges offer high quality yet affordable and fast selling products in a dispenser with a tiny footprint of less than 0.04sqm (under half a square foot). Even better, when your store is busy the dispensers will continue selling for you without adding to cash register queues.

Advantages of selling dispenser gifts

Our Dispenser Ranges

Gemstone bracelets

Adopt a Puppy - NEW

Our dogs will be the latest dispenser craze for 2020. Kids will love the lucky dip 'Adopt a Puppy' concept, not knowing which puppy will choose them as their owner.

The most popular 12 breeds are displayed on the header board and once they adopt one, they will want to adopt them all.

Kids will love collecting the different breeds and swapping them with their friends in the hope of owning the entire collection.

Gemstone bracelets

Mood Rings - NEW

Irresistable, fun and fashionable Global Journey's Mood Rings will have your customers rushing to get their own for just £1 vend. Sell Mood Rings in our attractive dispensers and your store will reduce shrikage and make fast turning sales in less than
1 sq.ft of space, even while your tills are busy.

gemstone collection

Individual Gemstones

The finest quality semi-precious stones from around the world. For centuries gemstones have been associated with therapeutic properties and also have Astrological and Spiritual connection.
And of course the gemstones also have a more simple function, their beauty and quality make them ideal fashion accessories or ornamental pieces.

gemstone hearts and pendants

Hearts & Pendants

For many centuries gemstone pendants have been used in crystal healing therapies and although there is no guarantee of any health benefits the aesthetic value alone justifies the purchase. Heart Gemstones huge popularity makes them the best selling gemstone product ever.

ocean and animal friends

Ocean & Animal Friends

Our animal pendants are individually hand-painted by skilled artisans and are the perfect pocket-money collectible. Children will want to "collect the set" and as every model is uniquely painted no two are exactly alike. For just £1 Animal Friends are an affordable and irresistible, fast-turning impulse buy.

angel's teardrops

Angel's Teardrops

The ever popular gemstone dispensers have churned out millions of Hearts, Points, Gemstones and Bracelets in recent years and now we are delighted to introduce what could become the most popular of all...... Angel's Teardrops.
The same high quality, the same great profit margins and even more choice than before!


In the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods dinosaurs roamed the earth, existing for a staggering 167,000,000 years. Man by comparison has been on the planet for just 200,000 years.
For just £2 your customers can own a piece of these prehistoric creatures. Choose from collector quality dinosaur bones, ancient shark teeth, or mixed fossils. All these genuine fossils are sealed in capsules and sold in attractive dispensers.

Options include single, double or triple dispensers. High turnover, theft proof, and time-saving these machines generate quick and easy cash sales, even when your tills are busy.
Every item is unique and highly collectable, bringing your customers back time and again as they build their personal collections.

loose shark teeth

Dinosaur Lucky Dip

It could be a line out of Jurassic Park but you can offer your customers genuine Dinosaur fossils over 65 million years old, encapsulated not in amber but in a translucent sphere.

With a lucky dip containing fossils including Dinosaur egg shells, Mosasaur teeth and genuine Dinosaur bone, your customers will be thrilled to bring home fossils of creatures that walked on this planet millions of years ago.

loose shark teeth

Shark Teeth

These fossilised teeth are over 65 million years old, from sharks that are long extinct. They have been collected by hand in marine sediments with consideration for the environment. Every tooth is a unique genuine fossil, hand-selected individually for quality and form.

genuine fossil parts

Genuine Fossils

In each capsule in this dispenser are fossils from creatures that lived over 50 million years ago. They are not casts or replicas but genuine Collector's pieces. Each carefully selected specimen is a fossilised animal body part, responsibly collected from Eocene and Cretaceous deposits. If you look carefully at your unique fossil you will be able to see the individual features of a creature that lived millions of years before man evolved.

Display Options

The ideal way to sell any Global Journey Gemstone products. The dispensers are bright, attractive, unobtrusive (taking up less than 1 sq. ft./40 sq. cm.) and above all they negate the use of the cash registers which on busy days will mean extra takings without adding to the checkout queues.

single dispensers

Single Dispenser

Height = 145cm
Width = 25cm
Depth = 43cm

double dispenser

Double Dispenser

Height = 145cm
Width = 38cm
Depth = 43cm

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