Our buyers source jewellery worldwide on their Global Journey to find attractive lines for your customers. From our Gift Pearls and to semi-precious budget gemstone jewellery in dispensers, we offer fast selling, profitable products that will enhance your gift ranges.

We offer:

  • A range of stands and dispenser units
  • Proven high turnover

Our Jewellery Ranges

pearl gift jewellery image

Pearl Giftsets

It's difficult to promote the Pearl Giftset range without seeming to over-sell it but for over five years the Pearl Giftset range has become the best selling gift range with nearly all of our customers. The quality of the product is undoubted and the price point of under £10 is remarkable but it's the concept itself that is what has captured the public's imagination. The interactive aspect of opening your own oyster shell and removing YOUR pearl, making a wish and then wearing it on the lovely pendant, it's the perfect, inexpensive jewellery gift.

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Dispenser Gifts

Our range of dispenser gifts are truly unique. From semi-precious stones formed by natural processes over millions of years to fossilised shark teeth. Retailing at just £1, our ranges offer high quality yet affordable and fast selling products in a dispenser with a tiny footprint of less than 0.04sqm (under half a square foot).

Even better, when your store is busy the dispensers will continue selling for you without adding to cash register queues.

Ranges include

  • Gemstones
  • Sharks Teeth
  • Animal and Ocean Friends
  • Bracelets, pendants and hearts
  • Genuine Fossils
  • and many many more...
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About Us

We are Global Journey, creating and supplying innovative gifts to stores, catalogue companies and distributors worldwide. We specialise in personalised and quirky notebooks, kids personalised jigsaws, hand sanitisers and much much more.

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