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sacred spirit

Sacred Spirit

Spirits' carried by the wind and experienced through visions, offered early Native American cultures insight into the close bond that exists between nature and man. Music, particularly that of the flute, facilitated communion with the spirits and was an important part of religious ceremonies.

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tibetan journey

Tibetan Journey

The subtlety and beauty of these Tibetan themes reflect the breathtaking imagery of the region and the culture. Mystical, eastern influences pervade every nuance of this epic album as these peerless compositions acclaim the perception, enlightenment and spirituality of the Tibetan Monks.

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cajun slowdown

Cajun Slowdown

Is this album bluegrass? Is this album cajun? The only thing we know for sure is this album takes just chillin’ to a while new level. Relaxation seems too frenetic a word - this is audio sedation.

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birdsong cd cover

Whale Symphony

This audio expedition to Alaska will let you experience the true majesty of the natural world. We follow a pod of 9 Humpback whales to their summer feeding grounds and along the way experience the grandeur of Alaska including; its wildlife, rivers, lakes, cascading waterfalls, glaciers and snow caves.

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classical cd cover

Classical Child 2CD

Two wonderful classical CDs for children.

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Dolphin Paradise CD Cover

Dolphin Paradise

The freedom and grandeur of one of nature's most enchanting creatures and their habitat come alive in this collection of elegant original compositions.

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Pachelbel Ocean CD Cover

Pachelbel Ocean

Above a delicate coral seascape, a soothing sapphire-blue ocean surf whispers its age-old song to a gently, white-sand beach. The timeless rhythms of ocean surf are masterly blended with impassioned symphonic ochestrations of Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D, as well as selections from Handel's "Water Music" and Bach's Air on the G String.

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Ocean Guitar CD Cover

Ocean Guitar

Keith Halligan's favourite Roman God is Neptune, god of the sea, and by coincidence Neptune's favourite musician is Keith Halligan so this collaboration was only a matter of time. Neptune has provided us with his most relaxing waves to record and Keith has risen to the occasion by performing the most tranquil guitar pieces ever recorded .....the result is a masterpiece of tranquility.

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